Blest Be the Tie

By Dona Daley

Blest Be the Tie Top / Details
Thu 15 Apr 2004
Florence can't complain - her children are grown up, she's got best friend Eunice to look after her and is happy to call London her home. But when a surprise visitor from Jamaica comes to London, her flat seems a little too small. Previous work by Dona Daley (1956-2002) includes WEATHERING THE STORM produced as part of West Yorkshire Playhouse Seven by Seven Season. Talawa Theatre Company is one of the UK's best known and most prominent Black theatre companies. Its most recent work includes URBAN AFRO SAXONS, the hugely popular directorial debut from Paulette Randall, the company's Artistic Director. 'A witty exploration of identity in multicultural Britain.' The Times [URBAN AFRO SAXONS] Design: Libby Watson, Lighting: James Farncombe, Sound: Ian Dickinson, Assistant Director: Pat Cumper. Cast: Marion Bailey, Lorna Gayle, Ellen Thomas (see photographs below). "":


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