Borderlands: As Above, So Below

Rogelio Braga 

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Wed 17 Jan 2024

Borderlands: As Above, So Below by Rogelio Braga 

Directed by Andrea Ling  


Borderlands: As Above, So Below brings together extracts from Rogelio Braga’s story of two powerful transpinay mambabarang (sorceresses) living in London with material charting the rise of fascism in the Philippines and the hostile environment in Britain. Deploying the Filipino concepts of paglublob at pakikisangkot (to plunge and to engage), the evening invites a discussion – between migrants, non-migrants, and activist and labour organisations – to create a counter-language to the hostile environment.


This project has been produced by Harris Albar, in association with New Earth Theatre.

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Wednesday 17th January 7.00pm 

Running time: approx. 1 hour


A panel will follow the performance of Borderlands: As Above, So Below on the 17th January. 

Content Warnings

•             Discussions of colonialism and racism

•             Hostility against migrants / lived experiences of undocumented migrants

•             References to cannibalism

The event will also feature a Igorot ceremony called a Kanyaw, intersliced with an English occult ritual. As part of the Kanyaw ritual, a deceased chicken will be present on stage.

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