Grasses of a Thousand Colours

By Wallace Shawn

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The scientist who tinkered with the universe tells us of his many loves. As his self-obsession literally consumes him, we listen to tales of food, sex and man's true best friend. An extreme, disturbing, and funny vision of the embattled relationship between man and beast. Wallace Shawn's explicit new play receives its world premiere at the Royal Court, under the direction of his lifelong collaborator and My Dinner with Andre co-star, Andre Gregory. Wallace Shawn features in the cast. Suitable for ages 18+ Running time: 3 hrs 20 mins including 2 short intervals (evening perfs end at 11.05pm) Doors at 7.25pm for a 7.45pm start Produced in association with The New Group, New York rv. I can't name an American dramatist whose contemporary achievement comes anywhere near that of writing Aunt Dan and Lemon, The Fever and The Designated Mourner. Wallace Shawn is at once the USs most profound and most overlooked playwright. rn. David Hare rv. Wallace Shawn always takes you on an unexpected journey. You come home bruised, perplexed, laughing, afraid. And, because he's such a good writer, very happy. rn. Caryl Churchill


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