Hitchcock Blonde

By Terry Johnson

Hitchcock Blonde Top / Details
Mon 16 Jun 2003

Dial M for Marvellous’ Sunday Times

Dazzlingly clever and wonderfully funny’ Time Out

David Haig, Rosamund Pike,

William Hootkins, Fiona Glascott

with Owen McDonnell

HITCHCOCK BLONDE is not a play about Alfred Hitchcock. He may however make a cameo appearance. The Blonde will remain anonymous; which is a clue.

A media lecturer and his female protege find some deteriorated Hitchcock footage in the basement of a Greek villa. It would appear they had discovered some early rushes but what film were they for and who is the mysterious blonde?

Terry Johnson is an award-winning playwright and director. His previous plays include INSIGNIFICANCE and HYSTERIA, DEAD FUNNY and CLEO, CAMPING, EMMANUELLE AND DICK. He has also adapted and directed THE GRADUATE.

Directed by Terry Johnson
Design and Video Design: William Dudley, Lighting: Simon Corder, Sound: Ian Dickinson

A Royal Court production in association with Maidstone Productions and Sonia Friedman Productions

Lyric Theatre Box Office: 0870 890 1107


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