International Playwrights Season Seminars

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Sat 12 Feb - Sat 09 Apr 2011

Brunch seminars exploring the political situations in Latin American and Eastern Europe and the effect of our international work on the British theatre artists who have taken part.

Sat 9 Apr, 11am
Europe’s New East
Exploring the issues currently facing some of the countries of the former Soviet Union and their political, cultural and linguistic ties to contemporary Russia.This seminar will also explore concepts of nationality and identity and the challenges of ethnic tensions.

Chaired by Bridget Kendall, BBC Diplomatic Correspondent.

Panel: Ed Lucas (Central and Eastern European Correspondent for The Economist and author of “The New Cold War: How the Kremlin Menaces both Russia and the West”), Richard Mole (Senior Lecturer at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies, with research focus on inter-ethnic relations in the Baltic States), Rory Finnin (Lecturer in Ukrainian Studies, University of Cambridge) and Masha Karp (freelance journalist with a special interest in relations between Russia and the West and a major contributor to the web sites “Rights in Russia” and “Open Democracy.”)

Brunch includes: blinis, rye bread, cold ham, cheese, jam, sourcream, boiled eggs, beetroot and cottage cheese salad.

Drinks: fruit juice, tea, coffee.

Eastern European events with additional support by Jenny Hall


Eastern European Readings: Pagans
by Anna Yablonskaya
translated by Rory Mullarkey

Natalya Stepanovna has come back into the lives of her estranged son Oleg and daughter-in-law Marina and is bringing the Lord Jesus Christ to them and their self-destructive, university drop-out daughter Kristina. Can He really save them all?

Anna Yablonskaya’s plays have been produced extensively in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Directed by Simon Godwin


It is with great sadness that we report that the Ukrainian playwright Anna Yablonskaya was killed on the 24 January at the airport bombing in Moscow. She participated in the 2010 International Residency at the Royal Court with her play Scenes From Family Life. She was a beautiful, joyful, passionate person who was so wonderful to be around last summer. Elyse Dodgson from the Royal Court’s international department will be visiting Odessa in February to start a new project with Ukrainian writers and this work will be dedicated to Anna’s memory.


Eastern European Readings: The Harvest
by Pavel Pryazhko
translated by Sasha Dugdale

It’s harvest season and Egor, Valerii, Ira and Lubya are picking apples and packing them into boxes for cash. It’s easy money, out in the open and really cool actually. I mean, how hard can picking apples be, right? Yeah, everything’s going to be cool.

Pavel Pryazhko’s highly distinctive plays have won him several major Russian language theatre awards and have been presented all over Europe. He took part in the Royal Court Theatre’s Moscow workshop in 2008. This is the first chance to see Pryazhko’s work in the UK.

Directed by James Macdonald


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