It's Like the 60's Never Happened

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Short plays performed in secret locations around the building imagining a world where one of the major 1960s social, political or technological innovations never happened. Plays take place backstage, in offices, rehearsal rooms and a garden IN SMOKE by A Zell Williams Directed by Roy Alexander Weise Cast: Joseph Arkley, Theo Cowan and Gerhwyn Eustache JNR BOB by Nathaniel Martello White Directed by Rania Jumaily Cast: Joseph Kloska and Seun Shote MARAUDING by Anders Lustgarten Directed by Hamish Pirie Cast: Sharon Duncan-Brewster and David Moorst A CORROSION NAMED DESIRE, EPISODE 1: THE HERO INSIDE ME by Amber Hsu Directed by Jude Christian Cast: Joan Iyiola and Sargon Yelda


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