Jackson's Way

Written and Performed by Will Adamsdale

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JACKSON'S BACKSON! Will Adamsdale's Perrier Award winning life coach character undertakes his most ambitious project yet: touring 26(.2) London venues in 26(.2) days, on a marathon trip to bring Jackson's Way, his hilarious gospel of self helplessness, to the people of London Town. "…I just can't wait to tell you about a new approach to love, life and finance that everybody's talking about! It's called 'Jackson's Way' and it's a simple, workable method of making the equation 'love/money + property/mood=WINNING' work on YOUR terms and at YOUR pace!" Jackson's Way is a satire on the world of self help and corporate jargon, but so much more... Join Chris John Jackson for perhaps the most surreal and funny hour you are likely to spend in a theatre. Life-coach-POWER-BAM! rv. Jackson's Way is simply the best, funniest, cleverest miracle of make believe rn. Scotsman rv. As funny as it is wonderfully weird… remarkable for both its sheer inventiveness and its perfect pitch rn. New York Times "www.jacksons-way.com": www.jacksons-way.com:new-window "twitter.com/jacksonsway": twitter.com/jacksonsway:new-window "facebook.com/pages/Jacksons-Way": www.facebook.com/pages/Jacksons-Way/145077328873391:new-window


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