Kids Court: Primetime

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Fri 19 Jul - Sat 20 Jul 2013

Twelve short plays written by 8-11 year olds for the Royal Court’s Young Writers Festival 2012 and the Peckham Young Playwrights Project. Performed as productions in the Jerwood Theatre Downstairs by a company of professional actors.
Directed by Ned Bennett.

The Primetime plays are:

The Magic Wig by Isabelle Kennedy- Grimes
Mrs Wallace wants to win 1st prize at the St. James’ Ball for having the best wig in town, but her wig ends up being more trouble than it’s worth…

The Flying Boy by Joseph Burke-Gaffney
10 year old Max and Gary the yellow, long-nosed hippo embark on a quest to gather the ingredients for a potion that can make them fly…

London, We Have a Problem by Jack Franco
When a nuclear explosion at Battersea power station threatens factory workers Mike & Spencer and Ted’s livelihoods, they embark on an adventure to make new lives for themselves…

Cat or What? by Eva Kerslake-Blue
Enid Apple-Black is turning into a cat and everyone at school is laughing at her. But just when she wants to hide herself away, she finds that her feline form allows her to explore how transformative true friendship can really be.

Journey to Food Paradise by JoseLuis Aquino-Mejia
Join DoughBob-CreamHead, Preztel Man and Sandy the sausage roll as they race to beat eccentric billionaire villain, Baron Bon Candy Cane, to the utopian Food Paradise – a place where they can never be eaten by humans.

Mason’s Journey by Naseem Charrat
Mason is a newspaper. His days are usually the same, but one day he is taken off the bus seat he’s been left on and into a stranger’s home. Who is this person? And will Mason make it back on to the bus?

Baby Sister by Ruby David-Pimlott
When Amy discovers via Twitter that her half sister has been born in Cornwall, she embarks on an epic journey to track down her real dad. A touching story about family and redemption.

Sports Day Life Saver by Anya Davies
It’s Sports Day and Abi is determined that this will be her year! She has her trainers, a banana and a bitter rivalry with nemesis Sophie, but as events take a dramatic turn Abi’s faced with an impossible dilemma.

Ella and the Minotaur by Florence Adrian
With Fairy Night Clubbers, a Minotaur and an impromptu kidnapping, this is a brilliantly imaginative twist on the Cinderella myth.

The Emperor’s New Fudge by Lucas Ferrar
Charlie, Frederick and James’ business selling sweets has hit hard times. Can these three bickering school boys overcome their differences and get the all-powerful mums on their side? A delicious tale of entrepreneurship, deception and sherbet suckers.

The Delinquent and the Nerd by Sultan Odukoya
Tori the Delinquent and Jordan the Nerd couldn’t be more different, but when this unlikely duo are forced to work together for a school project they discover that appearances can be deceptive. A sassy odd couple comedy about friendship, films and the power of a good makeover.

The Origin of Bad Guy Rope by Temidayo Abayomi-Joseph
When mad professor Viktor von Bottle’s latest creation escapes, a powerful new force is unleashed – but will Rope decide to use his powers for good or evil?


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