By Lucy Caldwell

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Wed 14 Mar 2007

“We are where we come from?” That’s not true. That’s not true because if that’s true there’s no hope for any of us.”

Lori is coming home from her first term at university. Its only been a few weeks and already things have gone badly wrong. But none of the rest of the family knows, or understands, what really happened.

In this fiercely observed family drama, three teenage girls struggle to define who they are, and why, and where they might be going.

Lucy Caldwell is a young Belfast-born writer. She won the George Devine Award in 2006 for Leaves, her first play.

Direction: Garry Hynes
Set and Costume Design: Francis O’Connor
Lighting: Ben Ormerod
Sound: John Leonard
Music: Sam Jackson
Cast: Fiona Bell, Alana Brennan, Conor Lovett, Daisy Maguire, Penelope Maguire and Kathy Rose O’Brien

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