Oxford School of Drama: All Day Permanent Red

Oxford School of Drama: All Day Permanent Red Top / Details
Sun 08 Mar 2015

All Day Permanent Red, the 1960s tag line for the new Revlon lipstick, lends itself as the title to Christopher Logue’s retelling of Homer’s Iliad.
All Day Permanent Red is celebrated as one of the landmarks in twentieth century poetry.

A tale of rage and damnation, it focuses on the stirrings of the Trojan war and its consequences for the modern world, drawing its vocabulary from the mish mash of contemporary subculture. This is the first adaptation for the stage of Logue’s seminal work, which debuts at Pegasus prior to the Royal Court.

As critic Jim Lewis summarised: “it is epic and exciting and possessed of a very terrible beauty… like watching the first reel of Saving Private Ryan extracted from the rest of the movie and presented as a gruelling short.”

Christopher Logue was a winner of the Whitbread Poetry Prize and the International Griffin Poetry Prize. Alexandra Spencer-Jones’s productions include the award-winning Dracula
and A Clockwork Orange.


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