By Terry Johnson

Piano/Forte Top / Details
Thu 14 Sep 2006
An unpredictable, funny and disturbing new play by Terry Johnson, who turns his errant imagination towards an equally errant Tory MP and his alarmingly difficult offspring. There's a wedding at the weekend, Hello's gazumped O.K., the piano's locked and the starlings are overdue.... Terry Johnsons previous plays include HITCHCOCK BLONDE, HYSTERIA and INSIGNIFICANCE. PIANO/FORTE features KELLY REILLY (Mrs Henderson Presents, After Miss Julie, Sexual Perversity In Chicago) and ALICIA WITT (Two Weeks Notice, Mr Hollands Opus, Cybill) struggling to come to terms with the past, present, and each other. Direction: Terry Johnson Design: Mark Thompson Lighting: Simon Corder Sound: Ian Dickinson Wedding band arrangements by Andrew Green Performed by; Andrew Green: Piano Sarah Homer: Clarinet John Eacott: Trumpet Mike Pickering: Drums Richard Lee: Double Bass Cast includes: Nuria Benet, Oliver Cotton, Sebastian Gonzalez, Kelly Reilly, Natalie Walter, Danny Webb and Alicia Witt. "Terry Johnson is that rare creature: a moralist with wit. He writes with responsible gaiety" The Guardian Hurry! £25 meal deal for Piano Forte. Meal booking times are available between 5pm and 6.45pm the performance begins at 7.30pm. Call the box office 020 7565 5000 to book.


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