Primetime 2016

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Thu 21 Jul - Sat 23 Jul 2016

A series of new short plays written by primary school children aged 8 – 11.

Last year’s Primetime saw a cast of crazy characters on some surreal and heart-warming adventures, dreamed up by the brilliant brains of 8-11 year olds. And there’s more family fun in store this time around…

Follow Billy the bully on a school trip into the jungle, meet a friendly zombie, and let battle commence in the ultimate in wrestling show-down: John the Cheesecake, vs. Sammy the Sponge.

Running Time: 1 hour approx.
All tickets will be seated on the floor around the playing area.
All Under 14’s must be accompanied by an adult

The Primetime plays are:

Where’s Gilbert by Abigail Uche-Kalunta age 8
‘I miss you to and am so sorry for not staying where you left me’
Princess Rosie loves her teddy bear Gilbert, but when her friend Ollie comes along, she throws him in a bush in embarrassment. When he’s rescued from the bush and taken home by Mr. Fred, Princess Rosie fears he will be gone forever, and her family send out a search party. Will they ever be reunited?

John the Cheesecake by Rex Clark age 10
‘Float like a meringue. Burnt lie a pasta bake. That’s why they call me Johnny the Cheesecake.’
Let battle commence in the ultimate wrestling show down: John the Cheesecake vs. Sammy the Sponge. The crowd are going wild and the score is very close…

The Most Clumsy Paparazzi by Toni Almonte age 10
_’I know what’s more important than selfies…MORE SELFIES!’_
Paparazzi loves taking selfies and all she wants is attention but it is pushing people away. But, her real trail of photos she’s been leaving online eventually leads her real Mum back to her…

The Jungle by Joyee Lee age 10
_’That arrogant little brute of a boy doesn’t know one thing about us… we can talk!’_
Billy is a meanest bully in town. But on a school trip to the jungle he meets his match, as the animals teach him a valuable lesson about the consequences of what you say and how you act.

The Lucky Football by Mehdi Zebboujie age 8
‘Don’t worry, if you believe in yourself, you can score a goal!’
Max thinks the secret to his sporting success is his lucky football, but maybe it was him all along? A heart-warming story about the importance of believing in yourself.

Alex Beckit by Jabir Tahori age 11
_’Ah there you are. You need to go on a mission… the Mafia are planning something illegal’_
Alex seems like your average kid but he lives a double life because he’s actually a spy. His mission: to take down the mafia.

Mr Perman Debune by Anushree Bhattacharjee age 9
‘Elizabeth please don’t interrupt, and we are men not boys’
Mr Hawkins is a thief and bribes Elizabeth with a thousand pounds not to reveal his true identity. But when Elizabeth sees him stealing a watch will she keep quiet?

The Friendly Zombie by Andrei Cotet age 10
‘Good news you can stay for dinner we’re having pizza’
As a zombie, Jacob finds it hard to make friends. People are afraid of him. But what they don’t realise is that deep down, he’s friendly. Then he meets Alex the robot and they hit it off, but everything changes which Jacob finds out Alex was sent to spy on him…

Primetime is supported by John Lyon’s Charity, The Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Clifford Chance Foundation, Portrack Charitable Trust, CHK Charities, The Mercers’ Company, The Haberdashers’ Company, Ernest Cook Trust, John Thaw Foundation, Royal Victoria Hall Foundation, The Austin and Hope Pilkington Trust.


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