Primetime 2015

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Sat 18 Jul - Sat 25 Jul 2015

A series of new short plays written by primary school children aged 8 – 11, plus free family writing workshops

You’re invited on an intergalactic mission through the minds of young writers, where you’ll meet Mr Moon, Grandpa Ninja and Sauce Jagger to name a few. Discover the perils of turning into an umbrella, being thrown back through time or becoming a monarch who lives amongst a pile of cow pats. Learn how rap battles can settle scores, whether humans and monsters can live together in harmony and if it’s possible to make an everlasting ice cream…

Last year’s Primetime saw a cast of crazy characters on some surreal and heart-warming adventures, dreamed up by the brilliant brains of 8-11 year olds. And there’s more in store this time around…

Chicken Wings in Space by Yaseen Mohamed is an intergalactic adventure in search of chicken wings, scored by the beats of a rap battle.

The Human Monster by Lola Clark sees James the Monster travel to New York City, where he enlists the help of the Queen, the President and the Major to proclaim equality between humans and monsters the world over.

The Lady Bird by Daniel Santangelo. Amelia the Ladybird is trapped in a Wizard’s spell and must decipher the riddles that lead to her freedom. With the help of a shapeshifting cat, she learns the importance of sharing a trusty umbrella.

The Ice Cream that Never Melts by Zoë Milne. Lonely Mr Moon wants to cure his insatiable sweet tooth, but will that satisfy his lonely heart? An uplifting tale that sees a mad scientist invent an everlasting treat and make an eternal friend.

Lost by Zed Levy is the story of Lola, Mattheo and Mohammed’s journey for ice cream through France. But it comes to a halt upon becoming trapped in a room they don’t recognise, discovered by people they’ve never met. Will the trio ever find out how they got there?

Grandpa Ninja and the Lost World by Jared Blue Gale. Grandpa Ninja’s only wish for his 80th birthday is to acquire a new armchair. But when the evil Alberta Roseta unexpectedly plunges him into a time portal, Grandpa Ninja must act quickly to avoid living with the dinosaurs.

I want Money! by Maia Settecasi. King Bobby is fed up of living in cow poo and will go to any lengths to escape. By tricking Lord Sugar and procuring his millions, King Bobbly believes all his prayers have been answered. Yet he soon discovers that money wasn’t necessarily the answer to his problems.

The Adventures of Mrs Vennily by Lily Habibiyan. With the help of a colourful crew, made up of Ying Yang, Cloeta Rondail, Mrs Penifarthick and Sauce Jagger, Mrs Vennily is shown how boring life would be if everyone looked the same.

The production of eight plays will run in the Jerwood Theatre Upstairs, alongside two free family playwriting workshops and immediately following a free tour of London primary schools, in the summer term of 2015.

Please note that the seating for this production is on a carpeted floor. If you have specific access requirements please contact our box office.

Age guidance 7+

Book your child’s ticket for £5 or £10 with a meal deal. You can choose from the following:

Kid’s Burger and Fries
A smaller variation on our classic Royal Court Burger, no nonsense, just ketchup.

Fish Finger Sandwich and Fries
Sustainable, battered fish goujons in a white floured bap with tartare sauce

Courgetty Spaghetti
Green and Yellow courgette ribbons in a tomato and basil with parmesan and spaghetti

PRIMETIME is supported by John Lyon’s Charity, The Mercers’ Company, The Haberdashers’ Company, Ernest Cook Trust, John Thaw Foundation, Royal Victoria Hall Foundation and The Austin and Hope Pilkington Trust.


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