Primetime 2017

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Fri 23 Jun - Sat 24 Jun 2017

Fresh from the minds of primary school children, Primetime is a series of new short plays written by 8 – 11 year olds.

Get ready for weird and wonderful adventures through Central London, Planet Invisible and the Sahara Desert. Befriend Sharon the Gigantic Animal and a valiant superhero made of paper. And discover a dastardly plot to rid the world of water before escaping an evil mastermind determined to use breakdancing to get what he wants.

Ronaldo & Cristian & Hezzie by Hezron Bavananthan, aged 9
“My name is Hezzie. I am going to tell you a little bit about myself.”
Hezzie has lots of friends in and out of school. But when his classmates Ronaldo and Cristian won’t stop picking on him, he has to challenge them to a contest. Then they say they want to be his friend, but what is their true motive?

Dreamer by Ava Reid, aged 11
“This is gonna sound weird but I had a dream…”
When Rebecca sees her brother Harry get poisoned in a dream and it turns out to be real, she knows she has to find a way to stop the poisoner before they strike again. But who is it, and why are they targeting children?

WHO WANTS TO GO ON AN ADVENTURE? by Madhuksharaa Sekar, aged 11
“We came here for an adventure not just sightseeing.”
James, Andrew and Alexia have decided to have an adventure. When a stranger called John locks them up in a cave, their only hope of rescue is Sharon the Gigantic Animal. Luckily she isn’t as scary as she seems…

Paper Cut by Moses Lopes, aged 9
“Oh sorry diary readers I hear piercing screams. Time to save the world.”
It’s a tough life protecting a city from crime, but brave hero Papercut and his son Paperboy are the saviours everyone needs.

Geogyman vs The World by Michel Molekela, aged 9
“I need you to blow up a volcano.”
Geogyman is fed up. He’s allergic to water, and this stupid world has a lot of water on it. So Geogyman comes up with a plan: he’s going to cover the whole planet with lava. That will solve his allergy, right?

RIBBER THE ROBBER! by Sujit Jawahar Selvam, aged 10
“Good job guys now we can take over the world!!!”
Ribber is invisible. So are his family and friends. Robbing is easy when nobody can see you. And Ribber’s mum has only four rules: don’t rob a rib store, don’t rob her store, don’t become visible and whatever you do, don’t stop her pool parties. Unfortunately for Ribber, he’s broken every single one.

Jody’s Big Break by Tehya Payne, aged 9
“I’m too pretty for jail!”
When Jody receives a mysterious invitation for a break-dance competition, she knows she can’t miss out. But when she has to travels back in time to the start of the world in order to attend, it’s obvious that this is no ordinary competition.

The Best Catch of All by Safiya Amin, aged 9
“I have always had my suspicions about Sally…”
Elizabeth and Sally are elephants living in the Sahara Desert. There are poachers about, and Elizabeth must make sure she keeps herself and the baby elephants safe. But Sally is acting strangely, and Elizabeth must figure out which side her friend is on…


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