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Sun 18 Feb 2024

Ramayana – The Journey is a production presented by the students of the Raaga Sudha Music Academy. It attempts to chronicle Rama’s Ayana (journey) from His birth to His Jala-samadhi through a series of 8 plays and 18 songs.

A “must-see” for children who want to learn the Ramayana. This hugely successful production brought in 600 people for its first show in July 2023. The production is in English with the songs sung in various Indian languages.

The show was well appreciated for its approach of story-telling where the incidents from the Ramayana are elaborated with spiritual back-stories thereby making it easier for the audience to understand the reasons behind many incidents in the epic. Another specialty of the show is its commitment to always focus on the positive characters in the epic and not just on the Rama-Ravana war. Come along with family to enjoy an evening where we can travel with Rama through the various phases of His life to get soaked in devotion and love.


About Raaga Sudha Music Academy

Raaga Sudha Music Academy is a not-for-profit community interest company teaching Indian Classical Carnatic music to 50 students in the North East UK. The school is in its sixth year running with the purpose of teaching children and adults the core human values of love, truth, peace, right conduct and non-violence integrated with Classical music.


About Guru

Praveena Srikailash has been teaching music for the last 17 years in the North East UK. She has students starting from 5 years to 80 years of age. She started the Raaga Sudha Music Academy in September 2018 as a performing arts academy to enable the students to bring out their musical talents. The key to Praveena’s success is her ability to integrate moral stories with music. Students seldom miss her classes every week. Praveena also teaches Vedam chanting free of charge to nearly 50 students in the UK through her Vedam school, श्रुति- Śruti. As a student of Vedanta, she is able to understand the spiritual purpose behind many actions of important characters in Ramayana. This clear understanding forms the back-bone of this epic production.

Jerwood Theatre Downstairs

4pm – 7.30pm (including 30 minute interval)

This event is a private hire. For more information please contact the event organiser Raaga Sudha Music Academy.


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