By Ana Valerio

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Sun 16 Dec 2001
Download 'behind the scenes' video footage from RELATED, available in Quicktime format. If you do not have the Quicktime video player, use the icon below to download the software. REHEARSAL: Early run-through of full extract in rehearsal (Duration: 5mins) "+DOWNLOAD:+": (4.9MB, approx download time 12mins*) REHEARSAL: Director Dawn Walton discusses a key moment with the actors (Duration: 3mins) "+DOWNLOAD:+": (3MB, approx download time 10mins) *DRESS REHEARSAL :* The full extract on stage shortly prior to opening (Duration: 5mins, 30sec) "+DOWNLOAD:+": (4.7MB,approx download time 12 mins) If you click on the above links, the movies will open into a new window. To download the movie files to your desktop: PC users, right click on link and choose Save; Mac users click and hold on link, then choose 'Save Link as' (File type: Source). * The approximate download times are based on computers using a standard 56K modem with a processing speed of around 500 MHz. Director Dawn Walton


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