By Anthony Neilson

Relocated Top / Details
A sinister mystery by Anthony Neilson whose previous work includes God in Ruins, The Wonderful World of Dissocia, Realism and Stitching. Director Anthony Neilson Designer Miriam Buether Sound Designer Nick Powell Cast Frances Grey Phil McKee Stuart McQuarrie Katie Novak Jan Pearson Nicola Walker Not recommended for anyone under the age of 16. Running time approx 1hr 30mins rv. The Scariest Show in Town rn. Telegraph rv. Terrific... has a sense of foreboding unlike anything I've experienced, and induces a quality of silence from its audience that is something truly special. rn. Evening Standard rv. Not an experience for the faint-hearted. Morally challenging and riveting. Leaves an indelible stain on the memory. rn. Times rv. This brilliantly directed piece takes us to a place that's inaccessible to news reports and editorial. Once seen, never forgotten. rn. Independent rv. Chilling, vivid and unnervingly topical. Deeply disconcerting... dark and dreamlike. X-certificate theatre that depicts all too recognisable human atrocities. rn. Telegraph rv. Murder mystery, wrapped in a ghost story, inside a nightmare. Relocated drags you into the shadows and doesn't let go. rn. Metro


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