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Sun 03 Jul - Sun 17 Jul 2016

Writer and performer Nick Cassenbaum has spent the last few months gathering stories from Stamford Hill and South Tottenham’s Jewish communities.

Story of conversations in cafes, kitchens and old people’s homes. Stories of unseen emails, arguments and answerphone messages. Stories of home, dead ends and Yiddish.

From these he has pieced together a snapshot of life in the area over the last 60 years. A piece of storytelling about storytelling, told on the move. With live Klezmer music.

Starting point: Markfield Park Cafe, N15 4RB
Running time approx. 30 mins
Please dress appropriately for the weather

Nick Cassenbaum is a storyteller and street performer. He creates performances that ask the audience to creatively engage with spaces and places. His most recent show was Bubble Schmeisis, a storytelling show about a search for identity featured around a journey to the steam baths with his blind grandfather. The show has sold out venues around London and is heading the Summerhall at the Edinburgh Fringe this Summer.

Dramaturgy by Mary Osborn.


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