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Mon 01 Jul - Sat 13 Jul 2013

The lives and loves of Peckham locals will be played out and live streamed every night for two weeks in five minute radio episodes, conceived by the writers of Open Court

Each episode will be performed live in front of a studio audience by actors from the local community and streamed live online. The Soap Opera will culminating in a Saturday omnibus edition at the Bussey Building in Peckham.

Bola Agbaje and Rachel De-lahay will first work with people from the Peckham area to come up with ideas for a fictional soap world and will then work with a team of writers from the Royal Court, including Brad Birch, Alice Birch, Adam Brace, Robin French, Roy Williams, Lucy Kirkwood, Chloe Moss and David Watson to create five minute episodes to be performed each night.

“A theatrical soap opera is a brilliant chance to see writers passing a baton to each other and playing with unexpected narrative form, interrogating and embracing theatre’s main predator (TV) rather than fearing or denying its existence. I hope it will also be a really fun way to involve lots of people, reach out to younger audiences and draw them in with something accessible.”
Lucy Kirkwood, Playwright

Age Guidance 14+

To find out how to get involved as a performer click here

Amir – Christopher Glover
Ravi – Kevin Sevilla
Lashanna – Alice Fofana
Chi-Chi – Kemi Lofinmakin
Glenda – Eva Edohen
Elaine – Lisa Sheerin
Joey – Kola Bokinni
Monica – Marie Koroma
Linda – Wendy McNeilly
Ed – Hedley Ayres
The Runner – Deenie Davies
Winnie – Nellie Andoh
Lucy – Phoebe Éclair-Powell
Fenella – Naomi Waring
Mick – Guy Atkins
James – Will Harrison-Wallace

Contributors to Peckham the Soap Opera
Paris Robin
Phoebe Éclair-Powell
Zeni Sekabanja
Nadine Woodley
Scarlet Billham
Penelope Greenhough
Geraldine Cottalorda
Tamara Camacho
Wendy McNeilly
Chloe Evans
Lorna Gayle
Shiloh Gayle
Diana Atuona
Chloe Evans
Isabelle Stokes
Dani Moseley
Lauren Gauge
Iola Evans
Mez Nduke
Marie Koroma
Valentine Olukoga
Eloise Green
Stacey Permaul
Edward Kagaturi
Ikem Ifeobu
Ferghal Crowley
Gemma Twentyman
Jessica Sian
Christopher Glover
Katie Duncan
Marie Vickers
Debbie Gayle
Eva Edohen
Kola Bokinin


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