Ten Plagues: a work-in-progress

by Mark Ravenhill and Conor Mitchell

Ten Plagues: a work-in-progress Top / Details
Sun 25 Apr 2010

The Royal Court Theatre’s Rough Cut season comes early this year with Ten Plagues – marking the beginning of a new musical-theatre collaboration between playwright Mark Ravenhill and composer Conor Mitchell, performed by the legendary singer Marc Almond with Omar Ebrahim, Nigel Richards, special guests and with pianist Stuart Hutchinson on Sunday 25 April at 5pm.

Rough Cuts is a mini-season of experimental readings and works-in-progress presented in June. A rare opportunity to see emerging talents and established playwrights in development, Ten Plagues is told entirely through a series of songs and explores humanity’s struggle with sickness and death and celebrates our capacity for survival.

“In London
Came the plague in sixteen sixty five
One hundred thousand dead
But I alive.”

London is infected. The dead fall in the streets. As the plague pits fill, the people of London struggle to maintain a society in the face of overwhelming mortality. Based on eyewitness accounts from 1665, Ten Plagues relates one man’s journey through a city in crisis.

Running Time: 60 mins approx

Ten Plagues is commissioned by London Artists Projects.

Presented in association with David Johnson with further support from The Mackintosh Foundation. Presented as a Royal Court Rough Cut.


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