The Big Idea: Sex

Curated by Alecky Blythe, E.V Crowe and Michael Wynne

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Friday 14 June The Big Idea: Sex Curated by Alecky Blythe, E.V Crowe and Michael Wynne Forever by Judy Blume Jerwood Theatre Upstairs, 6.30pm Playwright E.V. Crowe invites an audience to relive a seminal teen lesson in sex education by listening to a live reading by a solo performer of Judy Blume's iconic novel Forever. Cast: Romola Garai Friday Night Sex Jerwood Theatre Upstairs, 8.30pm Friday Night Sex - a steamy passion-fuelled session or a complicated and exhausting routine? Playwrights Alecky Blythe and Michael Wynne investigate what Friday Night Sex really means. Cast: Jason Barnett, Lu Corfield, Kate Fleetwood, Oliver J Hembrough, Michael Shaeffer, Alice Selwyn Tickets £8 for both events. (£5 per event) Late Night: David Hoyle Tries to Get His Leg Over Royal Court Bar & Kitchen 9.30pm until late Notorious ‘anti-drag queen', performance artist, avant-garde cabaret artist, singer, actor and comedian, David Hoyle brings his unique act to the Royal Court Café Bar. Free entry “I sort of think I don't know anything about sex. And then I think like everyone else, I must know something. Whatever we do know comes from somewhere and it probably started as children, before we 'had sex' before we had school 'Sex Ed'. Our real sex education is cultural. “When I was at school there was a queue to read a book about sex - that book was 'Forever' by Judy Blume. Why was there a queue? Would our relationship to sex be the same if we'd never read it? What was in that book? “Maybe a whole generation of women need to hear it again, and go back to where our ideas started. It's going to tell us all something, men and women, but we won't know until we hear it.” E.V. Crowe, Playwright


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