The Extremists

written and directed by Chris Goode

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At a high-end London restaurant, two couples meet to talk: an estranged father and son, each damaged in his own way; and a couple of young women whose role-playing games occupy a vortex of private jokes. But as their separate conversations start to become entangled, abetted by their disarming waiter, the apparent realities of their relationships reveal themselves to be unsustainable fictions. A viciously sardonic state of the nation bulletin disguised as an absurd comedy of manners, or possibly vice versa, Chris Goode's new play is a disorienting examination of the extremism that dwells within even the most moderate hearts and minds. Chris Goode is a director, writer and performer who has been described as ‘British theatre's greatest maverick talent' (Guardian). Previous plays have included Speed Death of the Radiant Child and King Pelican, both for the Drum Theatre, Plymouth; other recent projects include ...Sisters (Headlong / The Gate), Who You Are (Tate Modern), and The Adventures of Wound Man and Shirley (Queer Up North); and directing Harold Pinter's Landscape & Monologue for the Ustinov, Bath. Chris was also recently seen as a performer in Tim Crouch's The Author on tour. Cast includes Gemma Brockis, Chris Goode, Kali Hughes, George Irving, Sebastien Lawson and Simon Kane. Running time approx 75 mins Tickets £7 (£5 concs)


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