The Khomenko Family Chronicles

By Natalia Vorozhbit

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Fri 30 Nov 2007


Climb on a plane and in eight hours you’re in New York. Wonderful… Chernobyl? Even easier. It’s close by. They run day trips down there.

As Lyosha lies in hospital counting the days to his next birthday, his parents relate stories about the world outside and from their family history. Stories marked by significant dates, 26 April 1986 and 11 September 2001.

A light-hearted and touching family portrait pitched against the darker milestones of global history.

Translated by Sasha Dugdale

Director- Joe Hill-Gibbins
Designer- Ultz
Lighting-Trevor Wallace

Cast- Lewis Lempereur-Palmer, Daisy Lewis, Harry Lloyd, Samantha Spiro and Jeremy Swift.

Not suitable for under 14s

International Playwrights: “A Genesis Project”:

"A powerful mix of humorous and haunting."


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