The Sons of Charlie Paora

By Lennie James

The Sons of Charlie Paora Top / Details
Wed 25 Feb 2004
Charlie Paora is dead and buried. One night in a garage in Mangere, South Auckland, a group of young men gather to acknowledge the passing of their mentor, father figure and rugby coach Charlie Paora. The tension heightens when the real son and daughter of Charlie Paora turn up. This is a story of love, loyalty, life and death. Lennie James is a writer (Storm Damage) and actor (FALLOUT, Royal Court / RAISIN IN THE SUN, Young Vic / film includes 24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE, SNATCH). THE SONS OF CHARLIE PAORA is his first play to be presented at the Royal Court. Massive Company is a unique fusion of established theatre professionals embracing the multi-culturalism of New Zealand. THE SONS OF CHARLIE PAORA was first produced in Auckland in 2002. 'poignant, funny, vital.' NZ Herald Cast includes: Wesley Dowdell, Joe Folau, Kiri Lightfoot, Max Palamo, Liston Rua, Foma'i Taito, Jason Webb. Directed by Sam Scott Set & Costumes: Tracey Collins.


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