The World's Biggest Diamond

By Gregory Motton

The World's Biggest Diamond Top / Details
Fri 28 Oct 2005
A cottage by the sea. Two old lovers re-unite for a weekend after 30 years. He has an appointment with death, and she has left her husband upstairs. Both think the other has betrayed their love. They fight it out as a storm grows out at sea. Director: Simon Usher Design: Anthony Lamble Cast: Jane Asher, Michael Feast. Gregory Motton's previous plays include GENGIS AMONGST THE PYGMIES (La Comedie Francaise, Paris), GODS ISLAND (Theatre de la Tempete, Paris), IN PRAISE OF PROGRESS (Theatre de l'Odeon, Paris), A MONOLOGUE (Musee Dauphinois, Grenoble), A LITTLE SATIRE (Gate), CAT AND MOUSE (Theatre de l'Odeon, Paris/Gate) and THE TERRIBLE VOICE OF SATAN (Royal Court). Simon Usher's previous work for the Royal Court includes MOTHER TERESA IS DEAD, HERONS and BLACK MILK. Other work includes SING YER HEART OUT FOR THE LADS (RNT), MUSICIAN'S CROSSING A BRIDGE WITHOUT THEIR INSTRUMENTS (Dial Theatre), LOOKING AT YOU (REVIVED) AGAIN, THE EVIL DOERS, POND LIFE, NOT FADE AWAY, THE MORTAL ASH, ALL OF YOU MINE, WISHBONES, CARD BOYS (Bush), KING BABY (RSC).


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