Russian Readings

by Mariam Agamian (Ukraine), translated by Rory Mullarkey

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And I Don’t Care How You’re Doing Anymore
by Oksana Savchenko
translated by Rory Mullarkey

Lora is in trouble. The baby is crying, the cold is biting and Andrei is up to his eyes in debt. And just when Lora thinks her life can’t get any worse, Andrei disappears. A play about life on the frontline of the new Ukraine.


Uncle Sasha The Butcher
by Mariam Agamian
translated by Rory Mullarkey

Little Anya steals her older brother’s pornographic playing cards and sets in motion a chain of events that will leave her questioning the meaning of sex, relationships and true love well into her adult life. A poignant study of growing up or just growing old.

Uncle Sasha The Butcher is presented as a work in progress and will be followed by a panel discussion with the playwrights on the challenges of writing new plays in contemporary Georgia and Ukraine, chaired by Royal Court Literary Manager Chris Campbell.

Directed by Caroline Steinbeis

International Playwrights: A Genesis Foundation Project


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