Way to Heaven

By Juan Mayorga

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Thu 16 Jun 2005
The heart of Europe. 1942. Children playing, lovers' tiffs, a deserted train station and a ramp rising towards a hangar. This is what you can see, but what should the Red Cross representative report say? Juan Mayorga was a participant on the Royal Court's International Residency 1997. WAY TO HEAVEN has previously been produced at the Teatro Mara Guerrero, Madrid by the Centro Dramatico Nacional. His other work has been produced in Spain and around Europe as well as in Argentina, Venezuela and USA. Design: Miriam Buether, Lighting: Johanna Town, Sound: Ian Dickinson. Cast: Vanessa Ackerman, Jack Binysh, Jake Briski, Leon Garner, Daniel Hart, Richard Katz, Claire Lichie, Alexander Main, Emma Pinto, Abraham Pirry, Jeff Rawle, Dominic Rowan. INTERNATIONAL PLAYWRIGHTS A Genesis Project This is a promenade performance Running time: approx. 1 hour 40 minutes


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