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Wed 17 Jan 2007
Wednesday 17 January, 7pm ALASKA by DC Moore A play about race, sex and purity, set in a provincial Multiplex. Thursday 18 January, 7pm NEITHER HAVE I WINGS TO FLY by Elinor Cook A boat, a baby and a betrayal: three desperate people who'll do whatever it takes to escape a treacherous world. Friday 19 January, 7.45pm BEYOND THE NECK by Tom Holloway Inspired by the 1996 Port Arthur massacre in Tasmania, Australia, Beyond the Neck combines four stories to create an intricate dramatic quartet for the spoken voice. Monday 22 January, 7pm BLOSSOM by Hannah Davies SOLD OUT Blossom interweaves the conflicts of a bitter, boozy old artist, a mother who abandons everything to join a cult, her teenage daughter who never buys her own fags, and her young son who just wants to be normal like everyone else. Tuesday 23 January, 7pm CONCRETE FAIRGROUNDS by Suzanne Heathcote SOLD OUT First love, furtive looks, cigarettes and cola. Concrete Fairgrounds presents the rollercoaster ride of a summertime, for one teenage girl and her father. Just throw your arms in the air and scream. If only... Wednesday 24 January, 7pm CAN'T STAND ME NOW by Natalie Mitchell SOLD OUT Ben is a model son and friend, expertly picking his way through a heady mix of a parental split, peer pressure, and unruly hormones. So what does it take to knock this model off his pedestal, and is there enough polish in Chatham for him to regain his sheen? Thursday 25 January, 7.45pm EARLY BIRD by Daniel Barker SOLD OUT Age is just a number, unless of course its a question of parental responsibility. Contemporary family life goes under the knife, exposing a mess of lust, lies, and a missing strand of morality. Friday 26 January, 7pm SATELLITE by Duncan Macmillan SOLD OUT Lewis is falling through the air. Sonny is running away. Dinah can't move. This small town is changing fast. The Young Writers Festival is generously supported by: John Lyon's Charity The Foyle Foundation Columbia Foundation


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