Is Art Privilege? A digital sculpture by CONCLUSION PENDING

CONCLUSION PENDING have created a sculpture in a digital space that symbolises their message: the Arts are a necessity that society is treating as a privilege.

From Friday 31 July, the company  distributed postcards to residents in each of their local areas with the image of the sculpture photoshopped to appear beside local schools, and messaging encouraging recipients to visit the company’s website.

Once online, visitors are guided through the political landscape of the Arts as privilege vs. necessity, and empowered to support change through shared online resources and petitions.

You can take part in the experience by visiting CONCLUSION PENDING’s website here.

CONCLUSION PENDING is a movement that empowers emerging artists from underrepresented backgrounds by highlighting the importance of Arts Education. They believe that arts should be part of the school curriculum and are working to increase access and breakdown barriers for young people.  #AskForArts

The company are Aoife Delaney, Rosie Thackeray, Prabjot Sandhu, Muminah Abdullah, Malika Sandover and Kieton Saunders-Browne.

“We are the people who ask the questions.
We are fluid.
We are bothered
We inspire others to inspire others.
Our conclusions are always pending.
Through arts and activism.”

Twitter: @conclpending
Instagram: @conclusionpending
Facebook: conclusionpending