What I’ve been thinking by Deborah Pearson

Have you ever woken up and worried that you would never write again?  And then realised, No worries, since having that thought you actually already wrote a Facebook post and a tweet without even realising your fingers were moving – so clearly you not only Will write again, you already Have written again.  Albeit without much back up or even necessarily consent from yourself.  But still – words are words, right?

Well that has almost nothing to do with what I’ve written for the Royal Court’s Site. But it’s a good way to start.  For the site, I’m writing a panel discussion.  Why?  I’m not sure yet.  Will it be good?  I also could not tell you that yet.  Are there characters in it?  I hope so. Do they argue?  Yes.  It is a panel discussion.

But seriously, why a panel discussion?

I don’t know.

Is not knowing part of it?

You know, that’s a comforting thought.

Do you think this bit of writing is actually going to help the Royal Court sell any tickets?

That’s hard to say.

Why are you interviewing yourself?

Because that’s kind of what writing dialogue is.

Are you saying that every character you write is just an extension of you?

No definitely not.

Well what are you saying then?

I don’t know.

Is that what the panel discussion will be about?


Where are you writing this?

In bed.

That doesn’t sound very productive.

My cat’s here too.

Will your cat be on the panel at the Royal Court?

Now there’s an idea!

But will it, seriously?

I don’t think the Royal Court will let me do that.

Why not?

Well some people might be allergic.

They could just take antihistamines at the door?

I guess that’s true.  I don’t want to do anything mean to the cat though.

It’s an idea though, isn’t it.

Yes.  That it is.

So can you confirm that if people come to see your panel discussion they will also see your cat?


Why not, it sounds like a good idea!

I’m still writing.  I’m wary of good ideas.

Okay well you know where I stand on the cat issue at least.

I do, thank you.  I’ll think it over.

Shall we wrap this up?

Thanks for the interview.

Any Time.

It’s All Made Up by Deborah Pearson runs 24-26 Jun. Part of The Site, a temporary theatre space at the Royal Court curated by Chloe LamfordClick here to find out more.