It's All Made Up by Deborah Pearson

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Wed 24 May - Fri 26 May 2017

An allocation of tickets can be purchased in person, on the door, at every performance.

Deborah Pearson isn’t very comfortable writing fiction.  To her, it feels like lying. As a result, she’s made her career in theatre by telling real stories about her life or her performers’ lives.  Chloe has challenged Deborah not to do that.  Deborah has been asked to write a made up story that takes place in a real life place – The Site.

Deborah will only start making up the story as soon as she first walks into the Site, always writing from and in The Site.  She hopes that what ends up being performed is a string of pathological lies and made up magic.

Part of The Site, a series of work experimenting in design, collaboration and process.


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