No Petrol for 12 Miles – A Virtual Reality Experience

To accompany the production of On Bear Ridge by Ed Thomas, we are hosting a virtual reality experience which allows audiences to further immerse themselves in the world of the play.

Headsets for the VR experience will be available in the Bar & Kitchen after performances. Please note: at peak times you may need to wait. The experience lasts approx. 6 minutes.

No Petrol for 12 Miles was a series of installations created by Ed Thomas which temporarily existed in the landscape near Penwyllt, close to his childhood home, as fragmented remains of what was once there. A collection of lost things, half-forgotten sounds and memories, slowly sinking back into earth and rock.

The installations offer visitors glimpses of a vanished world, allowing them to digitally experience the whispered voices, half-truths and unfinished stories from a way of life grown silent. A story that was never told. An act of remembering the forgotten.

National Theatre Wales worked with Ed Thomas to create the outdoor, site-specific installations for the duration of the run of On Bear Ridge in Cardiff.
The VR experience was created by the Royal Court Theatre and Cuckoo Nest.

On Bear Ridge runs from 24 Oct – 23 Nov. Find out more here.