Payroll Giving

If you are a UK taxpayer, you can support the Royal Court via Charitable Giving, our Payroll Giving partner.

These donations are automatic and tax efficient. Please note they cannot be used to purchase a Friends Membership or on the benefits portion of our Supporters’ Circles.

To make a donation:

  • Decide how much you’d like to pledge each payday. A £10.00 pledge would cost a standard rate tax payer £8.00 and a higher rate tax payer just £6.00.
  • Check if your employer or pension provider is enrolled on the Charitable Giving scheme. If so, you can submit a Payroll Giving instruction electronically. A PDF version of the Donation Choice Form can be found here.
  • If your employer is not listed, contact your payroll team. If your employer would like to set themselves up, please visit the Charitable Giving Employers page here.

Alternatively, to find out how to become part of our Supporters’ Circle via Payroll Giving or to find out more information, please email