Payroll Giving

If you are a UK taxpayer and wish to contribute to the Royal Court, you can do so via Charitable Giving, our Payroll Giving partner.

Regular donations made through Payroll Giving are tax efficient and are made automatically, directly from your gross pay or pension. Please note that donations made via Payroll Giving cannot be used to purchase a Friends Membership or the benefits portion of our Supporters’ Circles. To find out how you can join as a Royal Court Supporter by donating via Payroll Giving, please get in touch.

To make your donation:

Decide how much you’d like to pledge each payday: A £10.00 pledge would only ‘cost’ a standard rate tax payer £8.00 and a higher rate tax payer just £6.00.

Check if you’re on the scheme: your employer or pension provider may already be on the CharitableGiving scheme. If they’re listed, you can contribute and submit a Payroll Giving instruction electronically. A PDF version of the Donation Choice Form can be found here.

If your employer is not listed, contact your payroll team, as your employer may have a scheme with another Payroll Giving Agency. If they don’t already have one in place and would like to set one up, please direct them to the Charitable Giving Employers page here.

Get in touch with us: let us know that you’ll be joining our special community of supporters. You can get in touch with the Development team at

For more information on Payroll Giving with CharitableGiving, click here.