Greed! A Game Show of Theft and Deception

Greed! A Game Show of Theft and Deception Top / Details
Fri 11 Oct - Sat 12 Oct 2013

The Royal Court has teamed up with award-winning game design studio Hide&Seek to bring you two days of ‘Greed!’ Join our host and his glamorous assistant in a pre-show game which pits audience members against each other in a battle of acquisition and lies.

Tickets on sale for Friends at 10am 24 September
Tickets on sale for General Public at 10am 25 September

Hide&Seek is a game design studio based in London and New York. Through a compelling combination of design, technology and cultural partnership, their work re-imagines public space as a place to play. Their work spans multiple platforms: console, smartphone, browser, TV screen, street.
They create new games and experiences, curate and support the work of artists and designers through the Sandpit series, design and consult with global brands, and speak at conferences and events around the world.


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