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Intercept –

The Street Challenge

Written by Kamahl Sami Miller

Intercept –

The Street Challenge

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Fri 20 Sep - Sun 29 Sep 2019

Intercept – The Street Challenge written by Kamahl Sami Miller combines sport and dance in an interactive performance.

A local choreographer will be collaborating with a young writer from youth engagement group Street Base, and sports groups in the borough to combine dance, sport and storytelling to create an interactive experience about the journey of a young person in Waltham Forest.

The interactive experience, which will unfold along streets in the Bakers Arms area, will see audience members working in groups to take on a street challenge to complete the experience.

On 27 – 29 Sep the performance will take place at Tesco Superstore Carpark, 825 High road, Leyton, E10 7AA.

Fridays: 5pm & 6pm
Saturdays & Sundays: 1pm, 2pm & 3pm

Running time: 20 mins

Free to attend

Kirubel Belay

Kai Cooper
Jamie Mason
Dom Simpson
Nohamin Solomon
Daniella Vieco



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