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Fri 20 Sep - Sun 29 Sep 2019

Three of the borough’s young filmmakers, Emmanuel Li, Naomi Soneye-Thomas and Lamar Harper will collaborate with selected ‘Monumental Citizens’ – local citizens identified by community leader Satvinder Cubb as being an integral part of the fabric of South Chingford – to create a series of short films.

Using these films, designer Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad will create an interactive film installation on Chingford Mount activating the civil architecture of the space. Chingford Mount is a vibrant hub used by many different people in the community.

Two of the filmmakers previously took part in See the Real, the first phase of Listen Local earlier in the year. The Mini Forest Cinema’s visit to Chingford Mount provided the inspiration for this piece.

Chingford Mount

Chingford Mount, South Chingford, E4 6SH

Fridays: 1pm – 6pm
Saturdays & Sundays: 12 noon – 6pm

The short films will run continuously on a loop for the duration

Free to attend


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