One Night Stand with... Yomi Ṣode

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Sat 10 Dec 2022

One Night Stand with… Yomi Ṣode  

A series of one-off performances from some familiar faces. Just for fun. Mutually fulfilling. No strings attached.

First Five: The People  

Remember the book that changed your life? The inspirational figure that opened your eyes? The song you’ll never forget? Now pick two books, two tracks and one person that defines you and you’ve got your first five.

Join Yomi Ṣode & Zezi Ifore in this special edition of First Five where you, the audience, are invited on stage to share one of the following:

  • A song from the first album you remember purchasing
  • An excerpt from a book on the shelf you always return to
  • An inspirational figure that keeps you doing what you do today
  • A guilty pleasure you wouldn’t dare let your friends/family know you listen to

The decision is yours!

Yomi will explore his own First Five, as well as reading from his debut poetry collection, Manorism.

PLEASE NOTE: On the night, depending on your selection, please bring either a book with you, or have your song/inspirational figure in mind! Nice one x 

Jerwood Theatre Upstairs

Saturday 10 December

Tickets £15

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