Shining City

By Conor McPherson

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Fri 04 Jun 2004
In Dublin a man comes to a counsellor seeking help. He claims to have seen the ghost of his recently deceased wife. But what begins as just an unusual encounter becomes a desperate struggle between the living and the dead a struggle which will shape and define both men for the rest of their lives. Conor McPherson's previous plays for the Royal Court are THE WEIR and DUBLIN CAROL. His other work as writer/director includes PORT AUTHORITY (New Ambassador), ST NICHOLAS (Bush) and THIS LIME TREE BOWER (Bush). Design: Rae Smith, Lighting: Mark Henderson, Sound: Ian Dickinson. Cast: Kathy Kiera Clarke, Michael McElhatton, Jeannie Lewis, Tom Jordan Murphy and Stanley Townsend. "McPherson writes like a dream." Daily Mail [DUBLIN CAROL] Supported by the ROYAL COURT PRODUCTION SYNDICATE To view a transcript from the post-show talk with Conor McPherson, click on this link to the reviews and scroll to the bottom of the page. "":


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