Series 6

Royal Court Playwright's Podcast Series 6

S6 Ep1: Amir Gudarzi talks to Omar Elerian

Amir Gudarzi is a writer born in Tehran, Iran, in 1986. Due to censorship his plays were only shown in private circles. And since 2009, Amir has lived in involuntary exile in Vienna, Austria.

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S6 Ep2: Pablo Manzi talks to Omar Elerian

Pablo Manzi has developed most of his work as a playwright with the Chile-based collective BONOBO. His texts have been presented in festivals in Japan, Italy, The Netherlands, Peru, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Belgium, the USA, Sweden and Chile. He was invited by the Royal Court theatre and the British Council to do a residency in London where he wrote ‘A Fight Against…’/‘Una Lucha Contra…’

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S6 Ep3: Nazareth Hassan talks to Omar Elerian

Nazareth Hassan is an interdisciplinary artist working in writing, performance, music, sound, video & photography based in Brooklyn, New York.

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S6 Ep4: Caro Black Tam talks to Omar Elerian

Caro is a Bachelor of Psychology with experience in social research in public policies. As a playwright, their plays include “Asfixia” and “Tomás”. They have been a resident at the Royal Court’s International Playwrights’ Programme and have taken part in their Long-Form Writing Group.

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