Writers for Living Newspaper Editions 5 and 6 Announced

Published on Tue 6 Apr 2021

Writers include: Zia Ahmed, Leo Butler, Guillermo Calderón, Pamela Carter, Nick Cassenbaum, Hester Chillingworth, Tim Crouch, E.V. Crowe, Molly Davies, Maud Dromgoole, Amy Bethan Evans, Robert Alan Evans, Rose Lewenstein, Simon Longman, Rory Mullarkey, Nessah Muthy, Lettie Precious, Iman Qureshi, Testament, Marcelo Dos Santos, Nina Segal, Dalia Taha, Joel Tan, Joe Ward Munrow, Kit Withington, Rachael Young and Maya Zbib.

Living Newspaper, the weekly project led by more than 60 writers and over 200 freelancers, was paused at the end of 2020 following the first two Editions due to the national lockdown. The project continued on Monday 29 March 2021, watch Edition 3 on catch up until Sunday 11 April here. 

Edition 4 starts Tuesday 6 April 2021, book tickets here.

Edition 5 will be released from Monday 12 April and Edition 6 from Monday 19 April 2021. Each Edition will launch with a live streamed performance of The Front Page, and then will be available to watch for two weeks. 

The writers for Edition 5 include Zia Ahmed, Leo Butler, Guillermo Calderón, Nick Cassenbaum, E.V. Crowe, Maud Dromgoole, Nessah Muthy, Iman Qureshi, Marcelo dos Santos, Nina Segal, Dalia Taha, Joel Tan and Maya Zbib.

Writers for Edition 6 include Pamela Carter, Hester Chillingworth, Tim Crouch, Molly Davies, Amy Bethan Evans, Robert Alan Evans, Rose Lewenstein, Simon Longman, Rory Mullarkey, Lettie Precious, Testament, Joe Ward Munrow, Kit Withington and Rachael Young.

The Living Newspaper experience is exclusively for an online audience at home. Each weekly online edition is sent to ticket holders over five days – with new content shared daily including local and global perspectives, longer form pieces, a dating column, a weather room, an agony aunt, horoscopes, and more.

A different creative team, led by writers, will take over the Royal Court Theatre to stage the new work each week which will be captured by Tea Films and shared with audiences at home. 

New performances can be watched Monday – Friday of that Edition’s week, and all pieces will be available to watch over that weekend and the following week, allowing ticket holders to access the work much like they might an online paper – catching up on the news and supplements when it best suits them.

Living Newspaper 

The stories that matter to our writers now. 

Staged at the Royal Court Theatre. 

Delivered daily to your inbox.

Living Newspaper is designed by Shankho Chaudhuri, Debbie Duru, Cara Evans, Sandra Falase, Zoë Hurwitz and Chloe Lamford who have been working as a Design Collective since mid 2020. Together they have radically imagined the Royal Court’s spaces for the project.

Facilitators and directors for Edition 5 include Milli Bhatia, Debbie Hannan, Ellie Horne, Izzy Rabey, Anthony Simpson-Pike and Vishni Velada-Billson.

Facilitators for Edition 6 include Jane Fallowfield, Grace Gummer, Lucy Morrison and Sam Pritchard.

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