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Watch from 29 March - 11 April

Written by Travis Alabanza, Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti, Nick Bruckman, Anupama Chandrasekhar, Zain Dada, Josh Elliott, Rabiah Hussain, Sami Ibrahim, Karen Laws, Eve Leigh, Chloë Moss, Anthony Neilson, Margaret Perry, and Rebecca Prichard.

The whole edition included 15 filmed performances ranging from 2 – 15 minutes.

A satirical take on what it means to be getting ‘back to normal’, Edition 3 explores everything from Indian nationalism, to the comforts of lockdown life, to the insidious side of Netflix’s Emily in Paris.

Journeying between the hairdressers for a post-lockdown cut; to the middle of the ocean to see gathered treasures; to a queer karaoke bar somewhere off Dalston for a final dance at the end of the world.

As we move towards life after lockdown, Edition 3 looks back and forward, and questions what’s to come.

Edition 3 cast includes: Isabel Adomakoh Young, Deborah Bahi, Nigel Barrett, Susan Brown, Tom Fisher, Beth Hinton-Lever, Tony Jayawardena, Scott Karim, Ms Sharon Le Grand, Lucy Mangan, Sophie Melville, Siobhan McSweeneyTom Mothersdale, Caleb Obediah and Sukh Ojla.

Facilitators for Edition 3 include Milli Bhatia, Ellie Horne, Jade Lewis, Lucy Morrison, Sam Pritchard and Izzy Rabey.


The Line Up 

Crocus of Hope written by Travis Alabanza, Anupama Chandrasekhar, Rabiah Hussain, Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti, Anthony Neilson and Rebecca Prichard. Written and composed by Nick Powell (The Front Page)

EMILY (GLITCHED) IN PARIS by Zain Dada (Con-Troll Room)

Horoscopes by Josh Elliott and Eve Leigh 

When the world ends, I hope I’m doing karaoke by Travis Alabanza (Subculture Substage) 

A FASCIST’S GUIDE TO DEMOCRACY by Anupama Chandrasekhar (The Spike)

New Order by Margaret Perry (The Bookshop) 

An Ode to The Underground and Ms Sharon Le Grand by Travis Alabanza (The News Stand)

The Foreign Invasion; – or – Mr Johnson, taking control of things by Sami Ibrahim (Cartoon of the Week)

SHE BLOWS LTD. by Rebecca Prichard (The Blank Space)

WHERE THINGS GO TO DIE by Anupama Chandrasekhar (The Weather Room)

STAY ALERT and TRUTH, TRUTH, LIE by Rabiah Hussain (The Long Look and Long Listen)

AGONY EDGAR by Anthony Neilson 

Consumption by Nick Bruckman (Subverts)

Eulogy for a dead life by Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti (Obituaries)

Levelling Up by Karen Laws (The Lift)

WHAT WERE YOU HOPING FOR? by Chloë Moss (Royal Court-ing)



At Home

Available to watch on demand until 11:59pm (GMT), Sun 11 April on our Living Newspaper Player here.

Living Newspaper is accessible via captions, audio description, and story and sensory synopsis. These are available to all bookers when they log in to the Living Newspaper Player.

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