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Watch from 5 - 18 April

Written by Bukky Bakray, Stacey Gregg, Tanika Gupta, Ellie Kendrick, Sabrina Mahfouz, Nathaniel Martello-White, Eoin McAndrew, Caitlin McEwan, Rachel Nwokoro, Annie Siddons, Stef Smith, Caro Black Tam, Ed Thomas, and Michael Wynne.

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A sideways look at the people who govern us. A space for protest. Because we can’t party without protest and we can’t heal without it either.

Edition 4 features Rishi Sunak as your romantic Indian soap hero, a teenager watching the End SARS protests play out on Instagram, a love letter to Nicola Sturgeon, an internet boy who becomes a museum piece, an unravelling of Peruvian independence day celebrations and a box office supervisor who tells it like it is.

The edition, which includes new filmed content ranging from 2 – 15 minutes, is available to watch until Sunday 18 April, allowing you to access the work much like you might an online paper – catching up on the news and supplements when it best suits you.

A different creative team are taking over the Royal Court Theatre to stage each edition.

Edition 4 cast includes: Ravi Aujla, Raj Bajaj, Bukky Bakray, Jason Barnett, Shiloh Coke, Amanda Coogan, Sutara Gayle, Ellis Howard, Genesis Lynea, Patrick McNamee, Rachael Merry, Katya Morrison, Gloria Obianyo, Ashna Rabheru, Bianca Stephens and Stephanie Street.

Facilitators for Edition 4 include Jude Christian, Jane Fallowfield, Theresa Ikoko, Myah Jeffers, Philip Morris and Lucy Morrison.


The Line Up 

CRISIS AFTER CRISIS WE PERSIST by Caro Black Tam, Stacey Gregg, Tanika Gupta, Ellie Kendrick, Sabrina Mahfouz and Stef Smith (The Front Page)

Dots of Death by Sabrina Mahfouz (Long Listen)

Chronicle by Ed Thomas (The Weather Room)

Train by Bukky Bakray (The Bookshop)

Life’s Work by Caitlin McEwan (The News Stand)

I’m not here by Michael Wynne (The Spike)

friction by Ellie Kendrick (Subculture Substage)

INTERNET BOY (1999 – Present) by Eoin McAndrew (Con-Troll Room)

Mirror on the Moor by Tanika Gupta (The Blank Space)

Short-term memory by Caro Black Tam (Obituaries)

CONFIT by Stef Smith (Royal Court-ing)

UNCLE AGZ’ by Nathaniel Martello White (Agony Aunt)

Signs from the Divine by Annie Siddons and Rachel Nwokoro (Horoscopes)


At Home

Available to watch on demand until  23:59 on 18 April.

Living Newspaper is accessible via captions, audio description notes, and a story and sensory synopsis available for each edition.

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