Who's Who


Vicky Featherstone, Artistic Director, Read Biography

Lucy Davies, Executive Producer, Read Biography



Ola Ince, Associate Director*

Chloe Lamford, Associate Designer*

Lucy Morrison, Associate Director

Hamish Pirie, Associate Director

Sam Pritchard, Associate Director (International)

Izzy Rabey, Trainee Director



Catherine Thornborrow, General Manager

Chris James, Producer

Daniel Kok, International Producer

Tanya Follett, Producing Co-ordinator (maternity leave)

Sharon John Producing Co-ordinator (maternity cover)

Romina Leiva Ahearne, Assistant to the Artistic Director & Executive Producer



Jane Fallowfield, Literary Manager

Milli Bhatia, Literary Associate*

Ellie Horne, Literary Associate



Amy Ball, Casting Director

Arthur Carrington, Casting Co-ordinator



Marius Rønning, Head of Production

Simon Evans, Production Manager

Joni Carter, Company Manager

Johnny Wilson, Head of Lighting

Matthew Harding, Deputy Head of Lighting

Stephen Settle, Lighting Programmer

Cat Roberts, Lighting Technician

Eimante Rukaite, Lighting Technician

Steve Evans, Head of Stage

TJ Chappell-Meade, Deputy Head of Stage

Ben Carmichael, Stage Show Technician

David McSeveney, Head of Sound

Emily Legg, Deputy Head of Sound

Lucy Walshaw, Head of Costume

Katie Price, Deputy Head of Costume



Holly Conneely, Head of Marketing & Sales

Anoushka Warden, Head of Press & Publicity

Nicki Perrett, Marketing Manager (Campaigns)

Joanne Stewart, Marketing Manager (Brand and Digital)

Rosie Evans-Hill, Press Officer

Shaadi Khosravi-Rad, Marketing Officer

Maddie Exell, Box Office Manager

Caitlin McEwan, Box Office Sales Assistant*

Tiffany Murphy, Box Office Sales Assistant*

Felix Pilgrim, Box Office Sales Assistant*

Rob Thorpe-Woods, Box Office Sales Assistant*

Faye Weerasinghe, Box Office Sales Assistant*



Helen Perryer, Finance Director

Ed Hales, Financial Controller

Anais Pedron, Finance Officer

Annie Moohan, Finance & Administration Assistant



Vishni Velada Billson, Head of Participation

Romana Flello, Participation Manager

Ellie Fulcher, Participation Facilitator*

Jasmyn Fisher-Ryner, Participation Engagement Officer*



Vicki Grace, Development Director

Charlotte Christesen, Deputy Development Director

Charlotte Cole, Development Manager

Sarah Bryce, Development Officer



Rachel Dudley, Theatre Manager

Harvey Dhadda, Deputy Theatre Manager

Jess Andrews, Duty House Manager*

Tristan Rogers, Duty House Manager*

Sydney Stevenson, Duty House Manager*

David Brown, General Maintenance Technician

James Graham, Stage Door/Reception*

Paul Lovegrove, Stage Door/Reception

Holly McComish, Stage Door/Reception*

Fiona Sagar, Stage Door/Reception*



Robert Smael, Bar & Kitchen Manager

Jemma Angell, Bar & Kitchen Supervisor*

Sam Kacher, Bar & Kitchen Supervisor*

Stephen Hamilton, Bar & Kitchen Supervisor*

Milla Tikkanen, Bar & Kitchen Supervisor*



Simon Ellison, Manager of Samuel French Bookshop at the Royal Court Theatre

Terry McCormack, Bookshop Assistant



Anthony Burton CBE, Chairman

Graham Devlin CBE, Vice Chairman

Sir Richard Eyre CBE, Honorary Council

Alan Grieve CBE, Honorary Council

Joyce Hytner OBE, Honorary Council

Phyllida Lloyd CBE, Honorary Council

Martin Paisner CBE, Honorary Council

Jennette Arnold OBE, Member

Judy Daish, Member

Noma Dumezweni, Member

Pamela Jikiemi, Member

Mwenya Kawesha, Member

Emma Marsh, Member

James Midgley, Member

Winsome Pinnock, Member

Andrew Rodger, Member

Anita Scott, Member

Lord Stewart Wood, Member

Mahdi Yahya, Member

Joan Plowright CBE, President

* Part-time