International Playwrights Programme

The International Playwrights’ Programme at the Royal Court builds and develops the theatre’s relationships with the most exciting writers around the world. For over twenty years, this programme has led the way in connecting British theatre with international artists and theatre made in different traditions and cultural contexts. Through long term writers groups, international residencies and major productions, the Royal Court has now worked with writers from more than 70 countries writing in over 40 different languages. Long term relationships now exist with writers, artists and organizations in countries including Argentina, Brazil, China, Chile, Cuba, France, Germany, India, Iran, Lebanon, Mexico, Nigeria, Palestine, Peru, Romania, Russian, Spain, South Africa, Syria, Turkey, Uruguay and Zimbabwe.

The Programme was founded by the pioneering and visionary Elyse Dodgson, who sadly passed away in 2018. Her legacy of extraordinary work with artists from around the world continues to shape all of our international projects.


Sam Pritchard Associate Director (International)

Daniel Kok International Producer

For all enquiries, please email