Free Outgoing

By Anupama Chandrasekhar

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Thu 08 Nov 2007


Just one message. That’s all it took for Deepa to be hated by the nation.

When a well-behaved Indian girl is filmed with a boy in her classroom, the video clip spreads like a virus. Transmitted from person to person it infects firstly the local community and then seemingly the entire country with a burning moral outrage.

Free Outgoing sets the rampant technology of the modern world against the conservatism of a traditional society.

Director- Indhu Rubasingham
Designer- Rosa Maggiora
Lighting- Mark Jonathan
Sound- Christopher Shutt

Cast- Ravi Aujila, Lolita Chakrabarti, Sacha Dhawan, Raj Ghatak, Shelley King, Manjinder Virk

International Playwrights: “A Genesis Project”:

"Anupama Chandrasekhar has written a fast, watchable play, here performed and directed with aplomb...well done the Royal Court."

The Daily Mail

"What is impressive is how much ground this play covers."

The Guardian

"Anupama Chandrasekhar's very attractive and engagingly shrewd play."

The Independent

" A gripping and insightful story."

Time Out

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