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Watch from 26 April - 9 May

Written by Blessing Adetunji, Fatima Kazmi, Tyreke Leslie, Naomi Lundie-Smith, Sam Pickering, Taichi Shinokubo and Ruby Stokes.

The whole edition is available to watch until Sunday 9 May 2021 on our Living Newspaper Player.

What does it mean to count your life in years and lose one? What happens when you re-emerge into the ‘real’ world and find there are still fights to be won?

Edition 7 is written by a group of writers aged 14-21 who’ve been working together online since June 2020. This final edition of Living Newspaper explores the fear of 21 June, a world where the stars talk in Morse code, the difference between  people online and IRL, the effects of class on love and what it means to say goodbye to those friends you only have for the summer.

This is the time to listen to writers who haven’t been heard before.

The cast for Edition 7 is Kemi Awoderu, Sam Crerar, Vinnie Heaven, Tyrone Huntley, Tyreke Leslie, Jemima Mayala, Frances Mayli McCann, Luke Newberry and Yasemin Ozdemir.

Facilitators for Edition 7 include Vicky Featherstone, Jasmyn Fisher-Ryner, Romana Flello, Ellie Fulcher, Ellie Horne, Ola Ince, Myah Jeffers, Philip Morris, Hamish Pirie and Vishni Velada-Billson.


The Line Up

Lockdown FM written by Blessing Adetunji, Fatima Kazmi, Tyreke Leslie, Naomi Lundie-Smith, Sam Pickering, Taichi Shinokubo, Ruby Stokes. Written and composed by Renell Shaw (The Front Page)

images by Taichi Shinokubo (The Weather Room)

Drunk in the dream wave by Fatima Kazmi (Con-Troll Room)

Paths; Unparalleled by Ruby Stokes (Royal Court-ing)

Heartband. by Tyreke Leslie (The Blank Space)

Lars: Ulcers by Sam Pickering (The Long Look And Long Listen)

Beyond Touch (of a) Screen by Blessing Adetunji (The Long Look And Long Listen)

summer friends? by Naomi Lundie-Smith (Subculture Substage)


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