Young Agitators' Projects

29 young people have been working together for 33 days since May 2020 till now,  forging a community, caring for each other & questioning this new world.

In the digital space they have investigated that which makes up every department of our theatre; spending time with the staff of the Royal Court and some of our freelance artists.

Together we…

  • Witnessed different dramaturgical processes

  • Jumped into the processes of every artist who made seven methods of killing kylie Jenner

  • Engaged in and with the questions that writers and artists at the Royal Court ask of themselves

  • Became immersed in a Zoom carousel of joy

  • Got wrapped up in one another’s stories

  • Owned the online space

Now the Young Agitators have broken free of the tiny squares of Zoom to crack open a new conversation about who makes theatre and whose narratives need to be shared right now in this moment … this is just the beginning …

In Return Of...

In Return Of...

A digital cycle of artistic offerings by it’s better outside.

To participate, go to from Saturday 1 August. It is an ongoing project, so feel free to engage at any point. The theme will change each month.

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For their projects the Young Agitators spent time digitally with Royal Court staff and freelance artists to learn more about their fields of expertise. Working with the artists who worked on Jasmine Lee-Jones’s play seven methods of killing kylie jenner they used this production as a case study, to explore process and engage in robust and creative forum discussions with key creatives.

The intention through the Young Agitators strand of  work is to agitate ideas and interrogate new processes.

Freelance artists included;

Sam Adams
Jennette Arnold
Tia Bannon
Milli Bhatia
Richie Campbell
Mete Coban
Alessandra Davison
Flo Dessau
Rosie Elnile
Delphine Gaborit
Stacey Gregg

William Gregory
Jessica Hung Han Yun
Ola Ince
Ifrah Ismail
Yasmin Joseph
Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti
Chloe Lamford
Nicole Lecky
Jasmine Lee Jones
Constance Oak
Kunmi Ogunsola

Anatol Orient
Adrian David Paul
Elena Pena
Josephine Png
Monae Robinson
Rajha Shakiry
Debris Stevenson
Chris Thorpe
Moi Tran
Juspreet Virdee
Danielle Vitalis