8 Key Principles

The Open Court Programme places at the heart of our practice; space to spark and advance the creative potential in everyone. Our work is centred around 8 key principles.

  1.        Create access to theatre as a right, not a privilege: to spark imagination, curiosity & life-long access to the arts
  2.        Thread and embed new writing & writers: all work delivered through this lens, writing as a process in its own right
  3.        Ignite the creative potential in everyone: working across communities and with young people
  4.        Support freelance artists, creating opportunities for new, early career and existing artists.
  5.        Making the Theatre and influencing the Education sector to become more reflective of our society: creating viable pathways into the theatre industry and interrogating recruitment processes
  6.        Taking civic responsibility: proactively contributing to the recovery and rebuilding of our local and wider pan-London communities to ensure climate justice is an active part of all our programmes.
  7.        Advocating and taking accountability for practice: with partnerships and participants (challenging all forms of oppression) 
  8.        Participative co creation: working holistically, in partnership to co create projects outside and inside (working across departments) at the Royal Court.