Zarema Zaudinova

Zarema is Director and Playwright of Teatr.doc and head of the Department of Pain – the direction of civil theatre in Theatr.Doc. She is also part of a team of organisers for the festival of the documentary Hunting for Reality, an editor of documentary dramas and has published drama under the title Department of Pain (Common Place).  Zarema wrote and directed the documentary play Odnushka in Izmailovo, about Caucasian girls who fled to Moscow to escape from domestic violence, and Companions, a testimony about convicts of the Bolotnaya case in which the former political prisoners played themselves.

Under supervision of Mikhail Ugarov and Elena Gremina, Zarema directed When We Came to Power, a project about a new civil society in Russia. She also performed in the play New Antigone, about the mothers of Beslan whose children died in the terrorist attack in 2004. Zarema worked as assistant director to Mikhail for 24+ and Jung and Angry, as well as producing his play The Man from Podolsk. She is one of the authors of the play Misha and Lena, assembled from the letters and diaries of Mikhail and Elena, revealing how the state was slowly killing these two artists.

Zarema was assistant and deputy for Mikhail Ugarov from 2015 – 2018.