BREAKING: Inquest into the death of Russian agent killed at City Airport finds “lack of evidence”

Site Reporter, London, 30 May 2017

This afternoon the Coroner for the Inquest into the death of ‘Agent N’ delivered an inconclusive verdict, citing a “lack of evidence” and suggesting that the body may have been “tampered with” by security officials after death.

‘Agent N’, the man found asphyxiated in a cleaning cupboard at City Airport last June, was first thought to be a businessman travelling through London on route from Frankfurt to Helsinki but, as has been reported, was revealed as a Russian spy when police found unspecified ‘personal effects’ with his body. Initial reports had indicated that the toxic substance FDT, otherwise known as ‘Gone In Sixty Seconds, may have caused his death, but today’s report shrouds the case in uncertainty once again.

Reacting to the news outside the Coroner’s Office, playwright Nathaniel Martello-White remarked: “There needs to be a proper inquiry now, to separate the truth from the lies – we deserve that much. This man’s family deserves that much.”

Home Secretary Amber Rudd could not be reached for comment, but is due to make a statement tomorrow morning.

More updates to follow…